History at the Polls for California schools

We led a massive, high-profile coalition campaign to help land a resounding 10-point victory for Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s historic initiative to deliver billions of dollars to California budget-starved schools and prevent steep college tuition hikes.

  • yes-prop30

Working Families are the Backbone of California

We work with California’s labor community to protect workers, promote fairness and elevate workers’ voices in issues that are vital to all California families and our economy.

  • rebuild-1

Every Voice Must Count

We helped engage California’s burgeoning Latino electorate by crafting and managing media outreach strategies for Cambiando California, the largest ever independent expenditure campaign exclusively targeting Latino Voters.

  • Every Vote

A Healthy Community is a Strong Community

We work to protect care for seniors and people with disabilities, strengthen healthcare for children and families and achieve the goals of national and state healthcare reform so everyone in our state has access to quality, affordable care.
  • Happy Family

A Watchdog for Taxpayers

After years of recession and spending cuts, we know that every dollar counts. We led a successful media campaign that led California courts to pull the plug on a wasteful $2 billion computer boondoggle and protect the core services communities count on.

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