We deploy a mix of strategies to help our clients move legislation, fight for funding and program priorities, build public support for initiatives and build campaign coalitions, promote candidacies and more. We work with you to develop and implement a plan that will best suit your issue and fit your budget.

Message Development and Delivery

We craft powerful, relevant messages and ensure they are heard and seen by the right people. Our messaging cuts through the political noise and gets noticed by decision makers.

  • We will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your communications goals and execute the plan down to the last detail.
  • We live and breathe California politics and policy. You can count on us to make sure your message is timely and relevant.
  • Our sharp and persuasive writing means you will have all the tools you need to reach the audiences you care about. We prepare speeches, op-eds, talking points, position papers, press releases, and letters to the editor.

Earned Media

We are experts at generating the best news coverage for your issue and maximizing the impact that the coverage has in shaping the debate. We showcase the voices of elected officials and candidates, as well as ordinary people who too often get lost in the tangle of staid bureaucracy and entrenched tradition. We have succeeded in generating memorable stories in every California media market and in key locations across the country.

  • We have on-the-ground experience building newsworthy events from top-to-bottom. We do it all. We will find an ideal site, handle logistics, prep participants, crafting talking points, craft media alerts and press releases, handle media outreach and follow up with reporters, and maximize the visibility of the coverage.
  • We proactively identify opportunities to disseminate your message and engage in rapid response at every turn in developments. We carefully tailor our earned media effort to capitalize on the longstanding power of the traditional media and the exponential opportunities that social media offer to amplify and spread our messages.

Coalition Building

  • We have earned respect and key connections through our working relationships across the spectrum of progressive politics and policy statewide and nationally.  We will build on our extensive relationships to mobilize support for your initiative.
  • Coalition building has reached new and exciting levels with social media, e-mail lists and other immensely powerful tools emerging daily. We’ll make use of the latest in Internet advocacy strategies to advance your cause and will keep pace with and engage the rapidly changing and ever-growing opportunities social media provides.